Technical / IT Manager

3RTechnology is known for its skilled and competent staff, who provide fast and quality service to our customers.

High-quality Service

Service that includes:

  • Maintenance, integration, modification of the company's IT services

  • Initiation of critical decisions on the use and operation of IT services

  • Planning of changes in funds

  • Human resources and operations

  • Communication with the customer

  • Quality of service provision throughout the service

The company’s specialists have accumulated extensive experience and implemented complex projects for both Lithuanian and foreign clients. The proposed solutions can be both standard, implemented in the customer’s data center, and provided as a service (as-a-service).

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VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) allows customers to easily and efficiently implement a highly relevant hybrid work model from both the office and home.

  • Identification of user profiles.

  • Segmentation and determination of the required resources in the customer's environment

  • Appropriate and optimal selection of the solution

  • Covering the entire IT infrastructure, software, end-point devices and other components

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