Modernisation of the HPC 

of the Kyrgyz Hydrometeorological Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial Intelligence (AI) infrastructure solutions provider UAB 3RTechnology successfully completed the first stage of the modernization project of the Hydrometeorological Service (Kyrgyzhydromet), which is subordinate to the Ministry of Emergencies of the Kyrgyzhydromet, which included the analysis of the situation and the prediction of technological solutions and the preparation of technical documents necessary for the successful implementation of the project. The total value of the project, initiated by the World Bank, amounts to EUR 5 million. US dollars.

The main goal pursued by the modernization of the national hydrometeorological service of Kyrgyzstan is more accurate preliminary weather forecasts, which will allow to reduce or even avoid the economic losses caused by natural disasters. Specific models used for climate research and weather forecasting, as well as simulations, require high-performance computing resources, which can only be effectively processed by properly selected equipment and the correct solution architecture.

UAB 3RTechnology in the first stage of the project evaluated the infrastructure used by the service and selected such technological solutions that will facilitate the work of the service’s specialists and make it possible to proactively respond to potentially dangerous climatic conditions at the national level.

UAB 3RTechnology performs the role of consultant in the modernization project of the Kyrgyz Hydrometeorological Service. Based on its experience in the development of high-performance computing infrastructure (ICS), the company has been able to obtain a high-performance computing infrastructure (SSA). High Performance Computing (HPC) in the solution market, has developed a technical specification for the corresponding purchase of an HPC solution and upgrade of the data center infrastructure. The proposed solutions included the architecture of high-performance computing and auxiliary systems with the possibility of future expansion, the selection of specific hardware and software, and the development of a plan for training Kyrgyzhydromet employees. The company also prepared the project documentation for the new data center, its infrastructure installation plan, provided for the installation of all cable, electrical, air conditioning and security systems, and developed a strategy for the migration of the customer’s available hardware to the new data center.

The second stage of the project will consist of the supervision of the technical implementation of the plan prepared by UAB 3RTechnology, which will include the installation, commissioning and final assessment of all equipment – both the data center itself and high-performance computing systems – for compliance with technological solutions. It is planned that the second phase of the project implementation will begin in 2022 Q4 and be completed by 2023 Q1-Q2.

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